Make reamer of PCD, CBN with integral agglomeration law

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Graph 1 graph 2 graphs 3 graphs 4 graphs 5 get together brilliant diamond (PCD) and cubic nitrogen change boron (CBN) is the material of high-powered cutting tool in cutting treatment. PCD basically is used at machining blame iron metal, fiber to increase model synthetic material and graphite material, and CBN agrees with treatment is certain and cast-iron with oil hard data. The finish machining cutting tool that they are the aperture that make -- the good stuff of reamer, have very tall wearability and inferior caking property, adoptable cutting speed is material of other cutting tool (be like hard alloy) can not be likened to. The method that produces reamer of PCD, CBN normally is will by complex of method of agglomeration of high-pressured high temperature compound a bit that cut becomes all sorts of figure, go up in cutter hub with soldering methodological solder next (1) seeing a picture. See by the graph, the knife chamfer of solder razor blade should be occupied go larger cutter hub position, for cutting tool of this pair of small diameters, was sure to weaken the intensity of cutter hub greatly; To big diameter cutting tool character, because the intensity of solder side is inferior between cutter hub and cutter hub, limitted the cutting function of cutting tool thereby. Company of German August Beck developed the new method of reamer of the PCD that make, CBN, can overcome welder art brought shortcoming. This method is the semifinished product of hard alloy reamer that uses a new structure, next material of PCD, CBN direct agglomeration is on the semifinished product of hard alloy, both make it a whole. Because do not have compound piece hard alloy underlay, reduced pair of cutter hub intensity so weaken degree; In addition return leave out of bit solder process, avoided the solder side effect to cutting function thereby. If cutting tool of this kind of new structure pursues the Zun Tu of 1 is shown, compare with right graph, its larger cutter hub is sectional make cutter hub intensity increases apparently, improved the cutting function of reamer and treatment quality greatly thereby. The positional precision that another advantage is bit is tall, solder type cutting tool is to solder by hand normally, the positional precision of its razor blade assures not easily, and the precision that the bit chamfer of new-style reamer is the tool grinding machine that uses by place will assure. The relation of the geometrical appearance precision that the graph shows the hole that machines for new-style reamer 2 times and exterior surface roughness and feed. Reamer diameter D=12mm, the knife cuts speed Vc=300m/min, workpiece material is GG25 cast-iron. Graph 2 make clear, as feed increase, the geometrical appearance precision of aperture and exterior surface roughness keep basically changeless, although turn in every when the big feed of 2mm, still have very high treatment quality. Graph 3 turn to use every the feed of 2mm (16m/min) is machining 400 aperture (the cutting length that is equivalent to 20m) later, face of the knife after face of the knife before reamer is mixed did not wear away almost. The reamer of this kind of new structure is used at machining a requirement to produce the part with very tall efficiency, can show its superior cutting performance more. The costly machine tool that machines these spare parts place to use uses ability of efficient cutting tool to produce beneficial result only. Graph a few typical spare partses that the 4 reamer that use new-style structure to suit machine, have stop a car among them implement spare parts and cylinder lid. Craft of agglomeration of this kind of whole basically applies to production diameter the reamer between 10 ~ 25mm. The diametical range that can make at present is expanding further, can enclothe the great majority that the graph shows a part 4 times. As a result of the performance with new-style superior reamer, its application field is extremely so extensive. At present product already seriation, its actor or actress chosen diametical set has 10mm, 12mm, 16mm and 20mm(see graph 5) , include reamer of PCD, CBN, reamer of aperture of via, blind, have stock product, can ask to undertake choosing according to the precision of aperture. Can expect, this kind of new-style reamer will more and more substituent solder type cutting tool. CNC Milling