Blast furnace of success of our country development is gas light gas annulus generation set

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By Nanjing steamer electric machinery (group) the nation that limited company develops is major technical equipment is homebred turn a project - - blast furnace is gas light gas annulus generation set, 15 days pass the expert appraisal that Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference chairs in Nanjing. Industry of our country metallurgy especially steely enterprise is concomitant in smelt blast furnace is gas, because its calorific value is low,cannot use effectively, often be put burn for nothing or discharge directly, cause waste of the sources of energy and environmental pollution. Nanjing steamer electric machinery (group) limited company and American General Electric Company cooperate, last a period of time 5 years, developed the low calorific value with combustion gas blast furnace successfully to light gas annulus generation set, the high temperature beyond that uses gas turbine eduction heats up the vapour of generation, procrastinate move vapour annulus generation set, form vapour of / burning gas to generate electricity circularly jointly, the step that achieved the sources of energy is used. In August 2003, homebred first blast furnace is gas light gas annulus generation set is connected in Jilin change investment of steely group limited company to move, run test via many hours 5300, index of the mechanical function of aircrew, dependability and environmental protection target are good. Should light the turbogenerator group appearance that enrages round of generation set and convention to compare, associated loop thermal efficiency rose 10% , and the nitride that pollutes an environment is discharged dropped 90% , achieve international the advanced level of congener product. According to calculating, every blast furnace is gas light gas annulus generation set can generate electricity one day 920 thousand degrees, for the enterprise economic charge of electricity makes an appointment with 500 thousand yuan. Cover equipment with every year run 7000 small chronometer, two years half can disinvestment. The expert that attends appraisal to meet thinks, at present of 70% above of our country generate electricity equipment is coal fired aircrew, its generate electricity efficiency is low, environmental pollution is serious. The blast furnace of domestic initiate is gas light gas annulus generation set has remarkable environmental protection, energy-saving beneficial result, popularize application in the industry such as steely, coal, chemical industry aptly. CNC Milling