FANUC controller fan changes DIY

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Japanese FANUC controller from inchoate 3, 6, 10 series arrive 0, 15, 16 series, controller design is lead plane and monitor depart join, previously machine kind use CRT screen, bulk respect very occupy a space, sequel progresses because of the times, slowly liquid crystal LCD gains ground gradually change, the I series of FANUC new generation controls a system, begin to design production lead plane and monitor an organic whole to shape, bulk is contractible, medicinal powder hot part adds fan newly also to come eduction. Controller upper part has two fan, in the yellow crust that does not have augment interface, lade 2 young fan, those who have augment interface is 1 big 1 young fan, big fan norms is: A90L-0001-0552/A, small fan norms is: A90L-0001-0551/A, there is one black to press by fan buckle, the meeting after inserting gets stuck, when pulling out, need to press after writing, pull out, fan is made have prevent slow-witted design, opposite installation is cannot insert normally, because there is high-pressured alternating current inside operation box, think to seek safety when change, shut mechanical power source first please, insert into travel fan again unplug change, contrary, change controller batteries, do not shut mechanical power source. In: of overheat of occurrence AL-701 of 0iC and 0iD controller screen? White shouts Xue?OVERHEAT: FAN MOTOR) or fan motor stop, those who represent controller upper part medicinal powder sirocco fan appears unusual, it is fan breakdown does not turn normally, CNC picture can jump out instantly breakdown shows, last caution breakdown. FANUC controller fan uses Japan Shan Yang is electric, make by Japan, good Gao Feng measures its quality, rated rotate speed is as high as 11000RPM, fan can bear temperature limits - ℃ of 10 ℃ ~+60, the life that pare estimate is 40000 hours. Normally breakdown generation is not fan is caused certainly, change when fan is invalid, it is breakdown of circuit board respect sometimes, this respect is not a client can the limits of DIY, be like a client to change next fan, discover fan is a lot of smearier or greasy filth accumulation is very much, need special attention to examine controller interior to whether have smeary appearance, tell our company service center please right now, the member that send heads for processing, do not tear open solution yellow crust to come by oneself clean, such meetings cause CNC to become machine, program and parameter can disappear, as a result of smeary and easy cause short circuit, the circuit of I series board very costly, if can in advance precaution, clean through correct cleanness, can hold the position with optimal controller. CNC Milling