Shanteweikekeleman exhibits in DMP 2006 latest technology

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The mould of international of the 8th Dongguan that will ring down the curtain on November 18 and metallic treatment are exhibited (DMP2006) on, shanteweikekeleman showed its newest technology concept and product gain in the round, set only for present audience daily two thematic lecture, interlocution having reward and lottery activity, exhibit a stage to attract numerous person energy of life for this company. According to coke of gram of hill spy dimension full respect introduces, this second item on display covered this company the almost whole set that its face mould and domain of small part treatment is tasted newly. The domain is machined in the mould, the particular product that shows mainly includes: Bit body of mill of knife of hard alloy Duan Xi and the hydraulic pressure knife handle that clip holds milling, damping knife handle that in can reducing cutting process considerably, shakes, 880 broach that machine with Yu Jiankong, broach, hard alloy face and knife bead milling cutter. The respect is machined in small part, special QS changes the newest gain that Shanteweikekeleman showed medical apparatus and instruments to machine cutting tool, straight-cut machine tool quickly knife handle system, CoroCutXS and CoroTurnXS boring cutter and outside round knife knife handle and bit series. Shanteweikekeleman expresses, will still as always, it is better to devote oneself to satisfy the specific requirement that comes from small part to process a trade. Can sponsor square statistic according to exhibiting, mould of international of the 8th Dongguan and metallic treatment exhibit by a definite date to have in all show an area 80, 000 square metre, add up to 1200 ginseng postpone business 4000 are exhibited, daily greet professional audience about 12, 000 person-time. CNC Milling