Laser reproducing technology applies mediumly in steely metallurgy industry

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  one, the project of reproducing of  of market background  that laser reproducing technology puts forward is the project practice that is guidance theoretically with cycle of product whole life. The argumentation of equipment, design, make, use, maintenance, reclaiming total cost calls whole life periodic charge, equipment takes seriously only on the tradition " before half a lifetime " , (This cycle occupies the charge) of 20~40% only, and often oversight " second half is unripe " , although use, maintain and discard as useless the charge of level. The reproducing project that   equips is with equipment " second half is unripe " for the object, in order to improve the technology of utilization rate, resource conservation, environmental protection, a project that insists to be able to develop continuously. The development of reproducing technology must blend in new and high technology, make dated component and equipment are obtained recover high quality, the product of high additional cost, so reproducing course of study is implementation spans type develops, accord with a of national policy main technique completely. Reproducing property production value of the United States amounts to 53 billion dollar, amount to 480 thousand person from personnel of course of study, they say " reproducing course of study is potential giant " . Height of our country government values development reproducing property. 2005, the State Council released what expand circular economy about accelerating a certain number of opinions and make good construction managing model the announcement that key of social near future works, put forward clearly to want to support reproducing of useless old mechanical and electrical products actively.   but look from whole, development of estate of our country reproducing is slow, still be in start exploration phase, with the developed country photograph comparing still has very big difference. Chinese reproducing industry develops the main problem of existence: It is reproducing is returned as a new concept was not known extensively by people, the important import that just faces development reproducing industry each lacks enough understanding; 2 it is reproducing has not formed industrial basis, technology and level of management are lower; 3 it is active code the development that policy in some way restricted component reproducing industry. Industry of   steely metallurgy is fundamental industry of the country, belong to national heavy industry at the same time, and its equipment is multifarious, phyletic much, tonnage is heavy. Because chafe, wear away the existence that waits for all sorts of reasons, want to keep the normal movement of equipment, will use up spare parts of many machine parts or tools kept in reserve every year. According to statistic, joint-stock company of Jinan iron and steel achieved year of yield 2003 the dimensions of steel of 3.34 million T, and the spare parts of machine parts or tools kept in reserve that the company uses every year at equipment to repair makes charge be as high as 1.

200 million yuan, amount of repair and utilize old or discarded things of spare parts of machine parts or tools kept in reserve amounts to 150t above, achieve economic benefits 20 million yuan or so. Accordingly, those who reduce spare parts of machine parts or tools kept in reserve use up and produce cost to reducing to already using the reproducing rehabilitate of equipment, the economic benefits that increases a business has positive stimulative effect, and the space that reduces cost is very large. Among them laser reproducing technology is right do what nice spare parts spares parts to repair, repair works, energy-saving to the enterprise fall the sense that bad news has special reality.   2, the feasibility of laser reproducing technology analyses   (one) the ● of  of main characteristic  of laser reproducing technology laser beam machining is not to have osculatory treatment, do not have immediate impact to workpiece, because this does not have machinery to be out of shape; Without " cutting tool " wears away in process of laser beam machining, without action of " of " cutting force at workpiece; In process of laser beam machining, stimulate density of energy of beam of light tall, treatment rate is rapid, and be local treatment, be done not have to be not laser illuminate place or affect minimum. Accordingly, the area that its heat up an influence is small, workpiece heat is out of shape little follow-up is machined the smallest; Because   ● stimulates beam of light to direct easily, commutation of direction of focusing, implementation, cooperate extremely easily to reach pair of intricate work to undertake machining with numerical control system, accordingly it is a kind of very agile treatment method; Efficiency of production of   ● is tall, treatment quality is stable and reliable, economic benefits and social benefit are good;   (2) the dominant position that the precious character that the laser of advantage   of laser beam machining has decided to laser is machining the existence in the domain:   ① because it is not to have osculatory treatment, and high-energy quantity surges the energy of beam of light and its shift rate all adjustable, because this can achieve the goal of a variety of treatment. It can be opposite   ② a variety of metals, metalloid treatment, can process the tall hardness, tall brittleness, data that reachs high melting point especially. Do not have in process of laser beam machining " cutting tool " wear away, without " cutting force " action at workpiece. In process of laser beam machining, stimulate density of energy of beam of light tall, treatment rate is rapid, and be local treatment, was not affected to be not laser illuminate place or affect minimum. Accordingly, area of its heat influence is small, workpiece heat is out of shape small, follow-up treatment amount is small. It can pass   ⑤ transparent medium has all sorts of treatment to the workpiece inside airtight container. Because   ⑥ stimulates beam of light to direct easily, collect implementation to make each direction alternate, cooperate extremely easily with numerical control system and undertake machining to intricate work, because this is a kind of very agile treatment method.   ⑦ uses laser beam machining to manufacture efficiency tall, quality reliable, economic benefits is good.   3, the laser after the laser of ① of  of main and phyletic  of laser reproducing technology quenchs with  of Mao Hua  laser quenchs the technology is to use focusing bundle incident to steely material surface, make its temperature lifts quickly change bit of above, after laser removeds, because still be in the action of fast heat conduction of the lining material of microtherm, make be heated surface layer cools quickly martensite photograph changes the dot is the following, the exterior appearance that achieves workpiece then becomes sclerotic. The deepness of hard layer of the oldest oil that if frit of laser of large roller surface coagulates,quenchs can achieve 2 millimeter above. Fu of frit of laser of ② of  of    and alloy change technology of Fu of frit of   laser is to use stimulate beam of light to be in Fu of frit of surface of workpiece of make choice of the material of a special function, in order to improve the technology of workpiece surface function. To metallurgy industry roller, guide, carry roller, clip to send roller, Jian Ren to wait many and fragile for, the biggest gain that laser frit Fu and alloy turn a technology is turn the integral alloy of roller turn the surface into alloy change or frit Fu, make roller fragile while service life rises substantially, manufacturing cost raises finite. Apparent, the design of alloyed powder end, choice and use correct was this technology whether successful key. Graph one of important facets that the laser beam welding of ③ of  of  of laser v rehabilitate of 1 axis head receives   laser beam welding is application of laser material processing technique. Its principle is the laser radiate high strenth to metallic surface, pass the interaction of laser and metal, make a metal fused form solder. As a result of its distinct advantage, in applying the nicety of Yu Wei, small-sized spare parts successfully to solder. If our country is at present steely,the course of craft of typical cold rolling that the industry is in dominant position is: Converter smelt - the fine outside furnace - first make friends cogging - heat joins press hard against each other - pickling - cold rolling - anneal - level off - galvanization (stannum) - into the product. Typical cold rolling craft is here medium, strip solders equipment is indispensable. In moving process, metal strip of go ahead of the rest and hind travel metal strip is indispensible undertake soldering, ability assures the activity in series of product line. Belt of silicon armor plate is online when moving, need classics for many times " S " model the moving tension with bend to be out of shape and bear constant, have very high demand to the function of welding line and quality thereby.   4, laser reproducing technology applies   mediumly in steely metallurgy industry 1, the rehabilitate of roller and facilities of production of industry of metallurgy of aggrandizement   are to be in for the most part tall (hand in change) the job below the harsh environment of stress, high fever stress, if connect casting roller, alignment roller, groove roller, half steel roller, casting,be in charge of model, heat (cold) bell of chute of roller of make friends job, blast furnace, makings. In these equipment, all sorts of roller are undoubtedly among them the most crucial equipment spare parts, its wastage big, price accident of costly, life not only with product cost closely related, and the quality that decides steely product directly, especially exterior quality and board model. Use laser v rehabilitate all sorts of roller, mix with small-sized roller among them local rehabilitate more be good at. If function can be new. If pursue 1 in be being used actually to be in, 1 times operating period all achieves the roller after v rehabilitate 1 year above, than not the roller of 60SiMnMo forged steel of v is average operating period (3 months) raise 3 times above, after be used 1 times, base material falls to get scathing case (undertake flaw detection detects) , still can undertake again v rehabilitate. Most circumstance undertakes 3, 4 rehabilitate.   laser quenchs the technology can is opposite spare parts of wall of all sorts of slideway, large gear wheel, journal, cylinder, mould, vibrating absorber, friction pulley, roller, gyro wheel undertakes exterior aggrandizement. Because glossiness of image of the reflex after lacquer is tall,wool of   laser changes car board, be called in abroad " lens cover armor plate " , it is the high grade board that produces limousine car face plate. Accordingly, laser wool melts cold rolling sheet metal (belt) the important raw material that is car, home appliance, electron and demand of light industry production. If pursue 2 in be thick board state diagram of job of roller laser aggrandizement. Graph 2 in thick board  of  of roller laser aggrandizement 2, all sorts of axes kind the spare parts wears away, the repair   that holds made of baked clay, crackle in the arms all sorts of axes kind layer of the v after v of laser of spare parts classics is handled is not had coin an organization bulkily, v layer and interface organize close, grain to refine, wait for blemish without aperture, sand holes, be mingled with, crackle, function as new. Graph  of  of rehabilitate of laser of 3 axes tatty 3, the big, medium, small-sized gear of all sorts of high additional costs in metallurgy industry kind technology of the rehabilitate of the spare parts and v of laser of aggrandizement   can make the big, medium, small-sized gear of all sorts of high additional costs kind spare parts function gets resumptive. Check and accept index to press still make a standard undertake formerly. Graph  of  of aggrandizement of surface of laser of the connect inside pillar of door of cup of 4 Shenyang gold 4, the lamina of repair   of lamina of fan of high-pressured high speed works because of its the environment is relatively harsh, place of impeller blades air inlet is easy corrode badly with wear away, general use 3 000~4 000 H is corroded because of impeller blades namely with grind a loss to balance and discard as useless. Use laser v technology to be able to make repair layer and raw base material are united in wedlock for metallurgy, hardness achieves HRC55 left and right sides. Enlist in army function as new.  of    5, the laser of car board spells solder   to spell solder board is a few different capable person the rolled steel of qualitative, different ply, different coating solders an integral board, in order to satisfy component different position is different to material the requirement of function. Laser spells solder board technology is the modern treatment engineering technology that is based on mature laser beam welding to receive technical development to rise. Use laser to spell solder board to be able to bring enormous economic benefits to automobile manufacturing industry, if automobile body assembles a large number of medium spot welding, place two solder head on workpiece brim to undertake soldering, flange width needs 16mm, and laser spells solder board to need not be built receive, laser of spot welding instead spells solder technology to be able to save rolled steel, economic dosage is inspected adopt the measure that spells solder board and calm; Solder with traditional spot welding two 0.

The armor plate stamping workpiece of 8mm, average was at 20 o'clock / Min, solder is apart from is 25mm, speed is 0.

5m/min, this meeting expends the time that comparative, the time that after using laser to spell solder board to replace spot welding craft, needs can get a large number of saving, solder quality gets rising character. At present this technology is mixed in Bao Gang, Wu Gang saddle steel all is to use the measure that introduces foreign technology to undertake developing, investment is very huge. What should equip is homebred change the mainland with the technology still need manufacturer of steely manufacturer, laser and institution of higher learing and institute to give full cooperation, the change is current this one current situation. Among them full automatic laser spells solder whole set demand of equipment home market is huge, the country spells solder technology to equip to laser nowadays already devoted bigger fund and give aid to, strive to make the whole set laser that has own intellectual property spells solder to equip to put in the market at an early date, the application that spells solder board for homebred laser contributes his force. Graph the repair test result that the 5 laser v that are head of axis of roller of some company metallurgy restore measure. Graph the 6 component sketch map that have spelling solder to laser can be used in the car. Can see from inside the graph, the applied latent capacity that the car spells solder board is very tremendous. Pursue the rehabilitate that the laser v of head of axis of 5 metallurgy roller restores measure pursues laser beam welding of 6 cars clutch receives component sketch map   5, the cost analysis of laser reproducing technology and look into   what the cost with the biggest laser beam machining consists equipment is one-time, once equipment is thrown later, below the premise that takes no account of equipment to throw cost, moving cost is lower. As a result of the roller in steely metallurgy equipment, axis kind the spare parts that spare parts, lamina and gear is high additional cost, the charge of laser beam machining all is in of primary value 25% the following. And the cycle of laser beam machining is short, can the time of greatly managing maintenance, assured seasonable production thereby, and function as new. The empty premise of the   flying development as equipment of laser beam machining and processing technique and people reproducing consciousness is tall, the deepness of the application of laser reproducing technology and range will be more and more thorough with extensive, will bring all-time benefit and progress, for construction managing model the contribution that economic society makes application. CNC Milling