How to distinguish fiber-optic sensor and traditional sensor

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Dispatch of net of machine tool of Chinese numerical control: Sensor material is the main base of sensor technology, as the progress of material science, people can make an all sorts of new-style sensor. Make temperature sensor with film of high polymer polymer for example, optical fiber can make a variety of sensor such as pressure, discharge, temperature, displacement, make pressure sensor with pottery and porcelain. The relative humidity size that high polymer polymer can follow surroundings is mixed into scale ground adsorption release water element. capacitor of make it of high polymer dielectric, determine the change of capacitance capacity, can reach relative humidity. The plasma that uses this principle to be made gets together sensor of temperature of lawful polystyrene film, have measure wet range temperature range is wide, wide, answer speed fast, dimension measures wet, temperature coefficient between small, usable Yu Xiaokong small wait for a characteristic. Pressure sensor of type of capacitance of pottery and porcelain is a kind of dry type pressure sensor that does not have intermediary fluid. Use technology of advanced pottery and porcelain, technology of thick film electron, its specifications is stable, year the full span error that measures adrift does not exceed 0.

1% , wen Piao is small, fight overload to be able to amount to the several hundredfold of span more. The application of optical fiber is the major breakthrough that transmits feeling data, fiber-optic sensor and traditional sensor compare have a lot of characteristics: Sensitivity tall, structure simple, bulk good, smooth road can curve small, anti-corrosive, insulating property, facilitating implementation telemetering. And the union of fiber-optic sensor and technology of compositive light road, accelerated the development of fiber-optic sensor technology. compositive light road parts of an apparatus replaces original and optical component and passive smooth parts of an apparatus, fiber-optic sensor had tall bandwidth, low signal to handle voltage, dependability again tall, cost is low characteristic. CNC Milling