Grand variable changes the output that the knife dictates in MasterCAM

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In the CNC Machining of large part or complex feature spare parts, treatment of much cutting tool often should be used inside a program. At present most factory still cannot be accomplished center admeasure cutting tool by craft demand, it is to producing the spot usually, by handlers basis program content installs clip to adjust cutting tool. Library of average machining center knife can pack the cutting tool that places 20 above, large knife library can install about a hundred cutting tool, handlers is used to will commonly used cutting tool or specific cutting tool is put in the fixed position of knife library, if put probe in a knife, central getting is put in 2 knives etc, such is in in different program, want the cutting tool inside the program and knife only the cutting tool inside date and knife library and knife number is uniform, machine tool cutting tool expresses medium cutting tool parameter to be able to continue to use, and need not undertake the knife is operated is opposite afresh. However, if handlers is used the program uses CAM software staff by process designing personnel, with respect to the cutting tool inside the cutting tool date inside likelihood occurrence program and library of machine tool cutting tool cannot one to one correspondence phenomenon. If 2 knives in numerical control program are to establish milling cutter, and 2 knives in showing library of machine tool knife are central getting however, at this moment, handlers must install cutting tool parameter to express according to position of the cutting tool inside library of program readjust knife, or according to the knife position of border cutting tool changes Kuneishi the cutting tool number inside the program, the cutting tool in the cutting tool in ability implementation program and knife library is one to one correspondence. But adjust cutting tool to need to be opposite afresh knife and watch of parameter of setting cutting tool, and change a program to make mistake easily, a bit carelessness causes a product possibly to discard as useless, and even accident of collision of bed of hair opportunity of survival. The research task that how finds a kind of convenient method to have the cutting tool inside the program and spot cutting tool corresponding changeover becomes the writer. 1. The numerical control system with problem analysis and commonly used means of settlement is like HEIDENHAIN, FANUC to wait, support grand program and parameter call, for this, the author experiments repeatedly through what go up in the machine tool, test and verify grand variable can be used when cutting tool is called denotive instruction. It is for example in system of HEIDENHAIN numerical control, can use Q parameter to show cutting tool sign, if parameter Ql was gifted numeric 5, there is the statement that change a knife inside the program paragraph " TQl G17 " when, the block that carries out actually is equal at " T5 G17 " . Such, when the numerical control program that weaves by CAM software applies in system of HEIDENHAIN numerical control, if change a knife to dictate medium cutting tool date uses Q parameter to replace, handlers wants the actual seat according to the cutting tool inside library of machine tool cutting tool only, be opposite in the begining in the program the Q ginseng with correct endow of all cutting tool is numeric, can mix the cutting tool inside the program correspondence of position of actual cutting tool rises, and do not require readjust cutting tool, also do not need to change the instruction of particular cutting tool inside the program. Same, in system of FANUC numerical control, parameter variable is used " #* " express, if #1=5, carry out block " T#1 M6 " when with executive instruction " T5M6 " it is same. Such, realize the corresponding changeover of cutting tool date when cutting tool is called through grand variable, can solve the problem with date of the cutting tool in automatic process designing and spot not corresponding cutting tool. And the automatic output that software of major automatic process designing does not have grand variable, for this, must undertake to software postposition handles 2 development of the program, will realize the automatic output of grand variable. 2. The cutting tool in system of HEIDENHAIN numerical control calls an instruction to use the implementation of grand variable to pass pair of MasterCAM 9.

0 corresponding postposition handle 2 development of the program, what successfully implementation needs the program output of the format. Below handle program Mpheid with the ISO code postposition of system of HEIDENHAIN numerical control, I. Pst is exemple, explain how to come true to substitute name of particular cutting tool with grand variable in the numerical control program of output. This need solves the following two problems: It is the cutting tool list that begins all treatment is medium using go to to be defeated by M by parameter format partly in the program, undertake initiative assignment to corresponding Q parameter, had better have explanatory note, of convenient handlers read change; 2 it is the interior of numerical control program in output, date of the cutting tool in all instructions that change a knife should use corresponding Q parameter to express. (The implementation of list of 1) output cutting tool is in Mpheid, I. In Pst, have one variable " Tooltable " , whether does its control transfer function " Pwrtt " , action is the definition output that has cutting tool list and semifinished product in program head. Find this function and decide its to be worth for 1. The form is as follows: Toollable: 1#Call Pwrtt´for Pre, variable of definition of Processing 0f Tooltable (2) adds the following variable, be calculated with the correspondence that handles order of the cutting tool in the program at postposition and realize output of correct numerical control block format, definition form is as follows: Fmt " Q " 4 Tnote, the format output of list of cutting tool of 4 Tq (3) searchs function body " Pwrtt " , its have the content of a paragraph of program to be finally: Ift>0, pbld, n, " G99 " , *t, *tool_length, *tlrad, e its action is the cutting tool watch in the buy before be opposite undertakes pretreatment, begin the order that appears in the program by cutting tool to output cutting tool list in the program, the block format that outputs accordingly right now is as follows (assumed to 5 ψ 16mm uses to establish milling cutter and 6 ψ 10mm to establish milling cutter) in process designing in give typical examples: ... .


N100 G99 T5 L0.

R8 N102 G99 T6 L10.

R5... ... .


These block formats do not accord with Nextpage requirement of system of HEIDENHAIN numerical control, cannot carrying out on the system of series numerical control such as TNC426 or TNC430, also not be the Q parameter form that we want, need undertakes to its the format is changed. The changeover that outputs a format must handle the function in the program through revising postposition " Pwitt " will come true, after revising, specific content is as follows: This is the standard assignment statement of parameter of the Q in system of HEIDENHAIN numerical control, the meaning is give the parameter in front Q* the numeric ode after P01, namely Q5=5, q6=6, the content after semicolon is the annotate of the cutting tool in this program, convenient handlers is read. (The output that 4) changes knife instruction pattern revises the function in the program " Ptoolcomment, the variable that assigns cutting tool date to the definition before the instruction that change a knife " Tq " , the changeover that dictates to change a knife prepares. The program is as follows: Tq=t... ... .


In searching postposition to handle an order all " M6 " , search the postposition that outputs the instruction that change a knife to handle block: Pbld, n, *t, "M6 " , the numerical control program that this paragraph of program will output E changes a knife to dictate the form is as follows: What N116T5 M6 goes to the search is all change a knife paragraph postposition program changes for: Pbld, n, *tq, "G17 " , the postposition program after E changes will output the instruction changing a knife of following formats: N116 TQ5 G17 handles the modification of the program to this postposition through above, the numerical control block format of output had bigger change, the instruction that change a knife satisfied our logarithm to control the demand of block format. Such, if automatic process designing is medium,the 5th cutting tool that uses is Ga 16mm milling cutter, and 12 knives in library of knife of spot machine tool already one has been proofreaded 16nllIl milling cutter satisfies treatment requirement on the west, the relevant assignment statement that machine tool handlers needs a program head only " D00 Q5 P01 5 " instead " I)00 Q5 P01 12 " can, the program implements the directive that change a knife " TQ5G17 " when, meet 12 in library of automatic capture knife 16mm milling cutter undertakes machining on the west, parameter of all cutting tool need not redefine, also do not need handlers to be in program interior will be all T12 of instruction TQ5 manual instead, avoided the happening of mistake. 3. The postposition processing program that the cutting tool in system of FANUC numerical control calls the system of implementation FANUC numerical control that uses grand variable changes means and HEI, the postposition processing program of system of DENHAIN numerical control changes way basic and identical, but grand variable is used in system of FANUC numerical control " # " express, and in program of MastercAM postposition processing, this symbol handles processing of accord with of the annotate inside the program as postposition, reason cannot output a symbol directly through modifying postposition program " # " , be like,variable of a special string can be defined in postposition processing program " AA " etc, this special string outputs the corresponding position of numerical control program, editor of character of final application other the special string in numerical control program " AA " replace a symbol entirely " # " , the parameter symbol that changeover can use for system of FuNAC numerical control can. 4. Use grand variable to call cutting tool note when executing the order that represents cutting tool number with grand variable, need notes a problem when the operation, that was stopping a machine tool to machine because of reason namely, after program or machine tool restoration, want to be in the intermediate some of the program paragraph when beginning to carry out afresh, need the parameter that should run program head first defines a part, the block that turns to need to begin again continues to move, such ability transfer into true cutting tool number memory, assure the safety of the validity of the cutting tool that uses inside the program and machine tool. 5. Epilogue we are moved in the ¨ of a lot of complex parts R is used in process designing this method, in make plain cutting tool is very much when, this kind of method is changed quick and convenient, if be more than 20 cutting tool when, it is OK to use this kind of method the desired result of the preparation of the very fast cutting tool that finish and program, reduced many auxiliary time, raised machine tool utilization rate, obtained very good application result. CNC Milling