What characteristic does structure of machinery of numerical control machine tool have?

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Numerical control machine tool is common by device of input, take-off, numerical control, but process designing controller, servo, detect the composition such as feedback device and machine tool lead plane. 1, device of input take-off input can pass different treatment information at the computer. What arise in numerical control machine tool is earlier, input device is punched tape, already tended now fall into disuse; Current, use clavier, disk, went to the lavatory greatly information inputs the job. Output points to parameter of output interior job (contain the primitive parameter that status of normal, good job lays the machine tool, breakdown diagnostic parameter) , need to output these parameter to make a record save in status of machine tool firm job commonly, after needing the work for some time, make output and source again quite, contrast, it is normal to can help judgement machine tool work to whether be maintained. 2, the core that device of numerical control of numerical control unit is numerical control machine tool and dominant, the processing that finishs all treatment data, computation works, machine tool of final implementation numerical control the direct of each function works. It includes the circuit of small computer, the hardware such as monitor of all sorts of interface circuit, CRT reachs corresponding software. 3, can make up Cheng controller namely PLC, it realizes control to main shaft unit, the rotate speed in the program the instruction has handling and control main shaft rotate speed; Manage knife library, undertake accumulative total of the exchange of automatic cutting tool, means that pick a knife, cutting tool uses the rest of frequency, cutting tool life and cutting tool blade grind the management such as the frequency; Positive and negative of control main shaft turns and stop, stop definitely, loose, manipulator takes clamp of cutting fluid switch, chuck send the movement such as the knife; Exterior to the machine tool still switch (journey switch, pressure switch, lukewarm accuse switch to wait) undertake controlling; To outputting signal (workbench of knife library, manipulator, circumgyrate) undertake controlling. 4, detect feedback device is comprised by detecting element and corresponding circuit, basically be to detect speed and displacement, feedback information at numerical control device, realize closed-loop control to machine precision in order to assure numerical control machine tool. 5, the main body of machine tool of numerical control of machine tool lead plane, include the mechanical part such as main transfer machinery of lathe bed, main shaft, feed. CNC Milling