Discuss about what numerical control process designing standardizes

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The to program in CNC Machining has a lot of mediums, simple procedure can be calculated through handiwork and the input controls a system, complex external form or model the face can be finished through CAM software. Our for the moment does not discuss here use why to plant process designing means will win machine program. We are discussed from another angle, whether should machine program have a level? Aborning, we manage and use the problem that encounters via regular meeting when these machine program, and how to solve them. First selection advances an idea here -- the standardization of CNC Machining program. What say here " standardize " the format that is not simple definition machine program. In pointing to process of work out machine program however, those who cut the set of parameter, cutting tool is cut to choose the standardization that designs train of thought with contrail of cutting tool cutting related. Why can we have CNC Machining program to standardize this think of a way? Let us look to be in CNC Machining process, what link often reappears again now, and make mistake easily, so these link are the starting point that we have standardizing. For the simplest to technological process work, the CNC Machining that finish needs a figure 1 medium process. After machine program work out is finished, every detail of all link in the graph must agree with the requirement of machine program, the neglect of every detail brings disastrous result possibly. For example, the dimension parameter of the error of the size that holds the clamp position in placing a process and means, pressing plate bolt in semifinished product, semifinished product dimension, cutting tool and cutting tool are in the cutting tool in process of the name of the setting of origin of the position in knife library, treatment, machine program, treatment guides, cutting parameter. We cannot avoid wrong generation absolutely, but we can find a reliable way, reduce the probability of mistake happening as far as possible. We see now want a these link set to become a standard only, jockey person had the rule to be able to be abided by, the probability that make mistake can be reduced greatly. The standardization set of these link relies on the support of machine program, accordingly we had the idea that standardizes machine program, meanwhile, the standardization of machine program also had direct way. We realized the goal that machine program standardizes now, need the link of standardization in actual production so, once make,come down surely a few standards that implement, how we come true they? Usually, we can make as far as possible detailed industry standard, produce workshop and relevant section office with be being achieved below the form of the file next, ask the machine tool operates personnel to operate facility strictly according to the standard, at the same time personnel of requirement process designing writes machine program strictly according to the standard. The personnel of machine tool operation of the workshop is opposite for more recipient this kind of means, because the operation flow of standardization can reduce labor intensity not only, and can reduce operation risk. But to process designing personnel, what they need to consider above all is treatment technological process and the problem that appear possibly and means of settlement, a few " can deal with neatly " content often is installed at will according to his habit. Especially to personnel of manual process designing, often can carry the simplest the most convenient way will handle these " can deal with neatly " problem. If will write machine program according to designation level, be equal to Jiang Mou some " can deal with neatly " problem demarcate processing means, virtually increased them to need to ponder over the content of processing, increased workload. Accordingly, carry out rise can have greater difficulty, and this kind of problem that relies on person head to ponder over processing, appear very easily unwary. This also is manual process designing cannot the obstacle of exceed, accordingly we recommend use CAM to assist process designing software, but not be random software of a CAM can handle such issue well. Best choice has development and the CAM software that define a function oneself 2 times, in implementing industry standard software platform. Such, process designing personnel need not want to browse all the time file, consult the process designing train of thought that the conventions in industry standard will come restrain his. And the operation personnel that produces a workshop needs the requirement according to standard file only, have production can. We use a few example below will be elaborated further, a few content that in machine program the place in standardizing this title contains and the settlement in CAM software means. Offerred the train of thought that a few machine program standardize for everybody on one hand. Make authority tentative on the other hand if where,understood in CAM software custom-built the content that these process designing processes need to standardize. The outfit clip of workpiece has besides custom-built labour furnish besides, major general tool had been standardized, when the enterprise is being purchased, should press only need to introduce can. To the most commonly used bolt pressing plate, the enterprise uses unified level as far as possible. The category jumps over easy management lesser. While we are managing this kind of tool, the information of this kind of tool also should let process designing personnel share. When process designing personnel is devising cutting tool way, OK go in clamping apparatus appearance and consideration of the means that hold clip, at the same time operation personnel must want to install workpiece according to standard standard, can reduce the interference of cutting tool and clamping apparatus not only, can improve treatment efficiency at the same time. We are with board makings treatment exemple, pressing plate and bolt can press standard choice. At the same time clamp position can have set a standard beforehand, grow installation of span of 100mm of installation of edge 200mm span, short edge for example, cutting tool from beginning to end from long side knife of initiative place advance and retreat. Can build clamping apparatus and machine tool 3D maths model even, comprise database of equipment of a tool. Below CAM environment, process designing personnel can know the position holding clip of workpiece clearly very much. Operation personnel also can press the standard that establish to install workpiece. In Edgecam, without seam compositive data interface, can the 3D model that at the same time any CAD compose build to load is to assemble a model even (graph 2) . Provided data safeguard to create a real process designing environment, also reach fluctuation to swim for the enterprise at the same time relevant unit offerred to be able to be not had seam compositive data platform. Be opposite especially for the enterprise that had been carried out or is about to carry out PDM/ERP, need not fear in CAM link appears the phenomenon with incompatible data. In graph 2 Edgecam, without seam compositive data interface, can the choice that the 3D model that at the same time any CAD compose build to load is the choice that assembles model Nextpage cutting tool and number cutting tool even has two principles generally speaking, it is to machine effect to lead highest principle; 2 it is principle of lowest of cutting tool cost. On the foundation that satisfies these two principles, the choice of cutting tool still has the flexibility that comparative, what condition should still follow so? When process designing personnel is considering this issue, need to know the state of cutting tool resource with existing enterprise more, because this enterprise wants to have complete, exclusive, the cutting tool database that updates immediately, this database is opened to process designing personnel not only, and face a workshop to open. When process designing personnel is choosing cutting tool, practicable cutting tool can be searched in cutting tool library, it is OK also in the cutting tool library of the machine tool to made sure equipment operates personnel at the same time find corresponding cutting tool. Process designing personnel is in process of design cutter track, the cutting tool of make choice of but according to the diameter (from arrive greatly small) or length (from grow short) will set cutting tool number, when personnel prepares cutting tool, such operations can have the rule to be able to be abided by. Edgecam offers SQL to be the cutting tool database of platform, can set warehouse of network cutting tool, set limits of authority for different use personnel, go to the lavatory to safeguard and manage not only, it is OK to be returned at the same time related to process designing environment couplet (graph 3) . Graph the cutting tool database that 3Edgecam offers SQL to be platform, can install origin of library of network cutting tool to define in principle of process designing origin best the design origin coincide with the spare parts, can decrease so accumulate an error, but in be being machined actually, workpiece falls in condition of initiative semifinished product, often very find out design origin position not easily, be opposite to go to the lavatory knife, often appoint an origin position by process designing personnel, so optional sex is very big. For example, when defining Z origin, if define Z origin in the surface below workpiece (of machine tool workbench or space block go up the surface) , it is a first-rate choice, the program is sentenced read rise not only easy (it is forever in value of the Z below this kind of circumstance, if appear,the affirmation that lose a value is wrong) , and be accepted very easily by people, form a system so, carry out carry out go down very simple. In process designing software, adjusting origin is a very simple operation, edgecam is special still offerred " be opposite automatically neat " function, the plane that needs a mouse to click Z origin only can the position of self-correcting workpiece (graph 4) . Although had generated cutting tool contrail, position of OK also and new mobile origin, cutting tool method can be updated automatically. Of graph 4 Edgecam " be opposite automatically neat " function, the plane that needs a mouse to click Z origin only can the position of self-correcting workpiece and the guiding that make the parameter cutting tool related cutting tool method are entered derive distance and point of view are prevailing the measure with cutting tool is relevant, at the same time the position of clamping apparatus also is the element that needs a consideration, the outfit that tells before union places positional standard, we are likewise OK set guides unifiedly derive condition. As to cutting dosage, for example the axial of cutting tool and radial cutting deepness, we can consult set of cutting tool diameter. Feed, revolution originates cutting tool database (data of a few experts can be offerred to offer an alternative in cutting tool library) , the join means of cutting tool method and safe distance solid in can machining strategy comes down surely, need to pay close attention to main parameter only when process designing can, other parameter but and with beforehand set is good fiducial value of a mark. And these can be in above the implementation in Edgecam. There are two kinds of meanses to be able to realize such function in Edgecam, the first kind of way is simpler, use what Edgecam offers to become group of treatment methods, the treatment parameter that needs a setting is simpler, a few have the parameter of general character, like means of safe distance, join, guide it is OK to wait into derived angle and distance set is united in thing preexistence system, and process designing operation is very simple also. The 2 development tool that additionally one kind of method uses Edgecam to offer namely -- strategy management implement. This is the tool with a custom-built politic treatment, the treatment strategy that can have Edgecam undertakes random is combined, manage model feature parameter, cutting tool parameter and project all content such as relevant parameter with constant value or variable means are fixed in machining strategy. In process of actual process designing, need only to be being machined the feature of the model uses relevant politic document can. Graph file of 5 treatment strategy is treatment of a flow chart actually politic file is a flow chart actually, every are machined the feature is ordinal the node of the set in carrying flow chart, according to method of cutting tool of node content computation (graph 5) . The main unit that forms every node is each when can see in the browser " process " , these processes can duplicate in Edgecam come out, it can be method of a treatment, also can be the assembly of many treatment method. Among them judgement node especially important, it is the incorporeal place that machines strategy, it gifts machine politic life. What strategy of a treatment can make is very simple, OK also very complex; Like machining strategy to still can resemble a subprogram, be called by another treatment strategy. Actually, the kind that carries nest will come true, come so, the ability of this tool can get treatment strategy magnify indefinitely. Below optimal circumstance, data is OK and custom-built related all treatment in the workshop in machining strategy, all spare partses can machine strategy to create machine program through, of course, if want to achieve this goal, need does a lot of painstaking works. So in be being used daily, we can formulate a many treatment strategy that fit a workshop to use, in the light of different treatment spare parts feature uses these to machine strategy, wait for effective treatment strategy to accumulate certain level to rise its series connection again, come true more the process designing that intelligence changes. The job of personnel of our process designing will become extremely easy in those days. The purpose that numerical control process designing standardizes is to will machine medium variable element to be united as far as possible rise, the method of implementation has a lot of, but when the choice is saved already the tool of save labour is OK get twice the result with half the effort. If this is planted,the job of standardization can be accomplished as far as possible perfect, the enterprise can save resource not only in manufacturing management field, and can reduce error. What deserve industry attention more is, when mode is enlarging scale of production very easily, such standardization undertakes duplicating or undertake popularizing in the partner. In the meantime, the expert data with existing enterprise also is helpful for inheritance coming down, regard the technology that makes company core competition ability as capital. CNC Milling