The character of high-powered SEBS epispastic material and application

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The data that epispastic product place uses special diversification, reach everybody like EVA, SBR, NR, NBR, EPDM, RB, PE, PS, PVC, PU, PP, CR, IR hep TPR sole is small epispastic etc. Apply at epispastic product with SEBS material however, still belong to noveller material application technology. The characteristic SBS of SEBS epispastic material is a kind of exceedingly good styrene elastomer of the plasticity that fasten heat, the content reason that need not have similar vulcanized rubber namely via vulcanization is simple, can inject directly shape, and can 100% reclaim use, already was applied at each domain widely, at present the biggest application is given priority to with shoe material. But SBS advocate contain on catenary many adipose a group of things with common features Shuang Jian, the repellency to weather, ultraviolet ray, ozone and heat not beautiful, easy deterioration, make its apply limits to still get a lot of limitation. Accordingly, the 2nd acting styrene fastens SEBS of hot plasticity elastomer 1972 emerge as the times require. SEBS is to use hydrogenation means general is adipose a group of things with common features Shuang Jian saturation is changed, with period enlarge product application limits. Because SEBS of elastomer of saturation hot plasticity is soft qualitative paragraph for saturation model Xi fastens a structure, be able to bear or endure await gender, heat-resisting ageing sex more much better than SBS, and content sex also relatively SBS is more strong pliable but strong, reason application range is more wide. SEBS is thermoplastic elastomer is interpose material of a kind of between balata and colophony new-style high polymer, can replace partial balata not only, still can make plastic get good modified. SEBS has as identical as traditional balata flexibility, return gender, obdurability and be able to bear or endure await a gender, reach thermoplastic the character that plastic and same easy treatment shapes and can reclaim again use wait for an advantage. And it and its plastic raw material have admirable compatibility, and as a result of SEBS but by means of adds patulous oil to adjust material soft hardness, the epispastic product that reason can make hardness range is wide, limits of hardness of epispastic finished product can be 5C-60C, proportion is extremely small, in 0.


3 between. Because SEBS has heat but the character of model, after reason is epispastic shape taste Yi Ke to make 2 times finalizing the design get the finished product with complex form in order to make again, and epispastic finished product can reclaim again use. SEBS epispastic material has following major attribute: Compress be out of shape, stop slippery characteristic excel EVA is epispastic board, close of its physics character and traditional CR, EPDM, SBR, have make Cheng Jian odd, wait for an advantage without balata peculiar smell, easy mix colors. Because of adipose a group of things with common features Shuang Jian is saturated already change, have be able to bear or endure weather, ultraviolet ray, oxygen, ozone and hot advantage. Can use at joining all sorts of balata / mix refine plasticly to taste mix, perhaps use at all sorts of hot plasticity oak / plastic in as impulse withstand, stop slippery, wear-resisting, fight compress, of cold-resistant revise qualitative data. Have the soft tactile impression of epispastic material of similar CR, SBR or PU, but make Cheng more simple and easy and the worry that do not have peculiar smell or says white. With other the photograph of soft and epispastic material of high epispastic, small proportion is compared, have relatively the content sex of beautiful and dimension invariability. Drawing reply sex and percentage elongation are exceedingly good. Other character includes: Plasticity beautiful; Excel in toughness; Tactility beautiful; Be able to bear or endure high constrictive; Tall plasticity; Be able to bear or endure Hou Xingjia; Beautiful of product mist face; Stop high slippery sex and be able to bear or endure microtherm sex. Of SEBS epispastic material epispastic / bridge the system is epispastic as epispastic to SEBS as bridging relation material, its are epispastic epispastic system of system and general EVA is same, bridge in order to cross oxide namely, again with chemical vesicant epispastic, form the epispastic material of independent swimming style. If the graph is shown 1 times, those who bridge undertaking decomposing what go up in time to cooperate with foaming agent is the most important. Every kinds rubber-plastic material is in the viscosity after hot melt but size range of pipe bent is different; In epispastic theory, expand when bleb dilate speed heals fast, criterion stabilization period heals short, right now rubber-plastic the control of the hot melt viscosity of material is very significant, exorbitant criterion cannot epispastic, too low enrage experience from plastic spill over. When SEBS epispastic material is epispastic outside the model, bridge degree show linear concern with colloid melt viscosity, if epispastic than adding sulfur (bridge) early too much, goods surface can produce successive bleb easily because of having aeriform eduction to cause epispastic goods rupture even. If add sulfur to compare epispastic happen too early, can bridge because of colloid viscosity rises, make epispastic and not easy undertake, present the state of epispastic inadequacy. Reason is epispastic to SEBS and character, epispastic rate and bridge the collocation of rate is very important, the proposal is best the epispastic condition after can appearing to bridge first, but bridge with epispastic time cannot difference is too big, the function of epispastic finished product of such gains is optimal. Foaming agent is general and rubber-plastic of makings epispastic shape the law can divide roughly for: Mechanical foaming: Mechanical foaming is have the aid of the intense agitate at machine stage, make gas even ground interfuse oak forms bleb in plastic fuse-element, the bleb evanescence that this process produces, because this is used,stabilizing agent of air entrainment bubble requires when machinery is epispastic. Physical foaming: Have the aid of is at foaming agent in colophony the change of physical condition, form many bleb. General physics vesicant can divide it is 3 kinds: System of fluid of inert gase department, low boiling point and solid state are hollow the ball, use commonly at present more is vesicant of physics of system of fluid of low boiling point. Chemical foaming: Chemical vesicant be heated produces chemical change, be decomposed thereby and produce gas, make rubber plastic polymer is epispastic. Representative chemical vesicant has occasionally nitrification content (ADCA, AZDN) , inferior nitro- compound (Nitriso) , inorganic department compound (bicarbonate natrium, sodium carbonate) with couplet amine (OBSH, TSH, BSH) etc, foaming agent but alone or collocation is used. When Nextpage chooses chemical vesicant, should notice its apply to blame crystallization polymer, 10 ℃ control the tower above of decomposes temperature to should compare polymer temperature of going from place to place of foaming agent. If decompose polymer of temperature tower above too much, usable activator (zinc oxide, urea) come to those who drop foaming agent to decompose temperature. To crystallization polymer, 10 ℃ control the decomposes temperature to should compare cross-linking agent activation temperature tower above of foaming agent. Decomposing temperature and gas evolution is the main basis that chooses chemical vesicant. Use high temperature of proposal of SEBS epispastic material occasionally vesicant of nitrification content chemistry - occasionally nitrogen amine of 2 armour acyl (Azodicarbonamide-ADCA) give priority to, its are shallow orange powder, decompose temperature ℃ of 190 ℃ ~210, gas evolution 220ml/g, but Jie epispastic auxiliary (ZnO, urea) temperature of will epispastic reaction adjusts 150~200 ℃ between, the hangover that decompose avirulent, free from contamination, classics FDA is approbated, it is the foaming agent that uses the most extensively. When expecting Wen Chao crosses 220 ℃ , NH3 is released quickly. Bridge when melt of be heated of agent SEBS epispastic material, the viscosity quickness of colloid drops, in epispastic process, to carry gas, colloid must have certain viscoelasticity, because this must be added,bridge agent. SEBS epispastic material suggests to use bridge means bridges to cross oxide. Cross oxide to bridge what use bridge agent with DCP (Dicumyl Peroxide) for the commonnest, and bridging because of crossing oxide is to form union of C – C, do not ask balata element must have double key structure so, reason applicably a variety of balata. Because SEBS is the capable person that belongs kind of balata,pledge nevertheless, and belong to saturated structure, when accordingly its are bridging, can more general EVA is difficult, so place of SEBS epispastic stuff adds bridge agent or bridge auxiliary measures can more general EVA epispastic material slightly much. The machines traditional and epispastic treatment means of SEBS epispastic material shapes for mould pressing more (flat is epispastic) , as a result of the process relatively loaded down with trivial details, show level to already developed for inject epispastic shape. Although inject is epispastic,shape technical administrative levels is higher, but from economic benefits (can save the efficiency of 45% about) , mould design isogon is spent will think, will reduce appearance of more of production cost, products plan and function to change considerably, because this is in,industry already replaced traditional mould pressing in great quantities epispastic shape technology. Besides, SEBS epispastic material and all sorts of balata, plastic compatibility are extremely tall, what can depend on recipe base material is different, allocate the product that gives different character and function, this also is one of main advantages with defective place of existing and epispastic stuff. The application of SEBS epispastic material is recreational reach these two years of EVA end sneaker epispastic sole material, already became recreational sneaker gradually the mainstream of material, its are good flexibility, stretch, be able to bear or endure exceedingly goodly chemical and chromatic function, lighter weight, be accepted quickly by place of the manufacturer end broad sneaker, become the pronoun of sneaker material. Be in especially combinative TPR is compound after large base is come out by development, it is the small proportion character the wearability with exceedingly good balata and EVA more faultlessly union rises. Before a few years, although the TPR balata large base of sneaker all of one suit was offerred to wearer prevent superexcellently slippery reach wear-resisting function, dan Jiyan's lubricious sheet is harmonic and opposite heavier weight is the defect that design personnel cannot break through all the time. Although have a lot of application product,be in in the domain of EVA epispastic material, but because suffer itself of material of plasticity of EVA of be confined to to shrink in plasticity, compression gender, stop the character of the respect such as flexibility and slippery sex, material drawing sex is wronger, all can use elastomer to should change qualitative agent so. Through SEBS the EVA after epispastic material modified has much better dynamic viscoelasticity to pledge (the test that accords with human body labour to learn asks) . At present epispastic factory all has a lot of EVA use elastomer (the EPDM that is like Dupont company and Engage) as revise qualitative data, its hardness is taller. SEBS epispastic material and EVA compatibility beautiful, and change simple stuff to compare with this kind, have much better soft hardness limits, soft tactility to reach lower fight compress crooked etc. Because SEBS epispastic material is had softness and downy the advantage of simple sense, already had a lot of international at present famous sneaker brand appoints use SEBS epispastic material. Motion is recreational the application that epispastic material tastes in recreational motion includes articles for use have: Garment of bed of float of mat of metrical dance motion, float board, airjacket, dive, shoulder pad, kneecap fills up Ji Yujia mat, however the material character that place of every kinds of goods asks is differ, be like the tall plasticity that metrical balance fills up; Of bed of float board float exceed small proportion; Of phreatic water garment be able to bear or endure await resilience of gender, tall drawing, low water imbibition to reach be able to bear or endure briny sex; The tall flexibility that shoulder pad kneecap fills up reachs plasticity; Epispastic defend material (soccer helmet liner) be able to bear or endure be out of shape the gender. Show level especially, the stuff that yoga pays is PVC goods almost. Appeal to in what law reachs environmental protection beg under, ban used clamour as one falls in the round, who masters what PVC material pledges to replace data first accordingly, who has prospective business chance, and this conception already was made by a lot of mat material early or late manufacturer, used SEBS epispastic material to put into practice. Motion is recreational things this domain, because must have plasticity and downy tactile impression, SEBS epispastic material will have an advantage extremely. And the plasticity that the characteristic of SEBS epispastic material depends on place of stuff of sex of admirable flexibility, hot solid lacking, rim charge can reclaim the gender. Defend in motion accordingly the application of material, have extremely tall competition ability, replace head the tradition to heat up solid sex epispastic material, gift the conception of environmental protection material and set out (epispastic material all has hot solid sex sulfureous stink, and color cannot change more) , so SEBS epispastic material is used will increasingly at making the recreational motion articles for use such as athletic mat, yoga mat and metrical balance mat. The main application of epispastic material of infant things SEBS in infant things domain is to make epispastic round of goods, can improve epispastic annulus stop optical rotation of disappear of slippery sex, stretch, surface and be able to bear or endure microtherm sex. EVA is normally epispastic round of surface of goods is very shining, and effect of the side that have fog (of Non-shining) epispastic the demand of round of goods comes from at Europe, this kind of goods (pram) price is high, what what ask is epispastic round of character is opposite the ground is firm. On the other hand, the material of EVA or other modified, be in bitter cold in the center hardness can rise to lose flexibility even. In pram epispastic round of respect, the exert oneself of SEBS epispastic material is nodded, the character that is product of similar balata material, goods surface haze is admirable, this also is plastic kind of character that EVA place does not have. Besides, what epispastic stuff place should have apply in European area pram to be able to bear or endure microtherm sex, also be with SEBS the expression of epispastic material is optimal, can avoid epispastic annulus be in bitter cold in the center hardness becomes tall, the defect that loses flexibility. Accordingly, SEBS epispastic material is in epispastic annulus on applied foreground is worth to expect. Of material of liner of bag of box of material of box bag liner (portfolio, leather case, adorn taste a box) main application accuses seeking a key is: Tall drawing resilience, material but the joint sex of model form sex and leather and cloth, because EVA epispastic material reachs his to change,there is the majority in qualitative agent is plasticity material, the weakness that uses accordingly is: The joint sex difference of cloth, tactility and pliability not the limitation of goods of beautiful, low hardness. According to understanding, box bag liner is epispastic data products to accord with law of European Union each country the requirement about green material, will begin an European Union to be banned formally on July 1 from this year with PVC, at the appointed time all PVC goods will be restricted to use. Plasticity of model of force of the drawing sex with the good in Yu Liang dominant position of SEBS epispastic material, stretch reply, product. Wait for epispastic goods at SBR, NBR, CR relatively, the another advantage of SEBS epispastic material is material can reclaim recycle, complete accord with environmental protection material appeal to beg. On the other hand, vulcanization of sex of traditional heat solid is epispastic balata (SBR, NBR, CR) goods, although unapt be washed out, but already crossed commodity autumn, move toward the winter that low competes gradually, also because of so major line of business person already began transition toward heat but model oak / side of plastic and epispastic data develops. The development of SEBS epispastic material, aux will be able to overcomes the problem with a few traditional and epispastic inextricability material, and hold the advantage of an a lot of different and epispastic material concurrently, the small proportion that has EVA epispastic stuff for example is characteristic, the low pressure of PU epispastic material shrinks crooked, tall flexibility and stop slippery character, and make Cheng Jian sheet, can shape 2 times make it is complex modelling product, the most important is complete do not contain any toxic material, can 100% reclaim. In addition, SEBS epispastic material will make mill business and stylist are used in material go up with the design have more yuan the choice that influence. CNC Milling