Can break off the mill razor blade that cuts bits

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The razor blade of mill of H490 ANKX 1706PNTR-CS that Yi Sika company develops used zigzag cutting blade, but will cut bits to be broken off for narrow, can make thereby of cutting power use up reduce about 15% , can be on small-power machine tool and not stable main shaft obtain taller productivity. This razor blade applies to any Helido H490-17 milling cutter, installation is growing knife chamfer milling cutter undertakes milling of deep shoulder ministry and fruit of effectiveness for a given period of time of treatment opening slot on He Lixi knife optimal. This razor blade has 3 to break off groove on blade of a cutting, in its subtense still has 2 to break off groove. Cut bits best to break off the effect to obtain, in recommending the structure of alternant cutting blade that installs this razor blade part of chamfer of knife of cutting tool of in the vicinity of. CNC Milling