Applied QUICKNC machines black lead electrode

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[summary] the requirement of process designing treatment of electrode of the black lead in Die Casting mould is fast, accurate, what Cimatron company develops is brand-new product- - QuickNC software got used to this kind of requirement well. The article passes an example that black lead electrode machines, reveal the process designing shift with efficient QuickNC. In the production process of traditional Die Casting pattern, the NC of electrode machines the share that owns nearly 60 % . The treatment efficiency that improves electrode stresses wanted action since the making process of can whole to shortening pattern. One, the treatment characteristic of black lead electrode is industrial black lead is qualitative hard and fragile, right when NC is machined of cutting tool wear away relatively serious, general proposal uses the cutting tool of hard alloy or diamond coating. Because the price of cutting tool is higher, and electrode often needs to machine the knife continuously more in machining a process, because this is right,the accuracy of cutting tool contrail has higher demand. Complex model the discharge treatment of antrum needs about a hundred electrode sometimes, because the workload of this CAM is very big. Black lead can be in directly in the cutting tool when barren is machined workpiece fluctuation knife, the happening of horn, disintegrate dies to avoid when finish machining, often use the means treatment that light knife takes quickly. Generally speaking, black lead is being cut deep be less than 0.

The circumstance of 2mm falls to produce collapse to break rarely, still can acquire better sidewall surface quality. Because the data bulk of machine program is greater, the handling time of complex electrode achieves 50 hours sometimes. 2, the characteristic of QuickNC software 1.

QuickNC of concise function of curved surface editor is readable the data that takes the standard form such as IGS, STEP, if have missing curved surface,be in in the course that data changes, can choose the curve all round this curved surface, the function that uses 3D CAP next blemish face patchy good, go easily simply, do not need complex CAD method. 2.

The processes parameter QuickNC waste with very few QuickNC machines parameter not to exceed 10, finish machining parameter does not exceed 15, this CAM process to electrode heavy and complicated is one is liberated, to abecedarian also be very easy master. 3.

When the section preview functional QuickNC quickly previewed a function to be saved for CAM personnel really a lot of have calculative time to examine cutting tool contrail. Normally the circumstance falls, to relatively complex model, CAM personnel often should be calculated repeatedly, examine, till achieve satisfactory cutter track orbit. Below the condition that machines in high speed, right ten even the file of a few undertakes iteration computational, it is to CAM one very the thing of " painful " . We once used QuickNC to be the electrode model of two size to have consideration to a data bulk, previewed process is controlled with 30 seconds only, for the CAM to having experience, discover a problem very easily, correct parameter, achieve satisfactory cutter track orbit, this is really very the thing of " delighted " . 3, graph of example of electrode of applied QuickNC treatment the 1 semifinished product measure that if pursue,shows black lead electrode 1 times is 140.

× 70.

× 100.

Mm, shaping muscle width is 1.

6mm, treatment deepness is 70.

Mm. The over all dimension of this sort electrode is medium, form is relatively complex, in the relatively general model in black lead electrode. As a result of muscle flimsy, the treatment strategy of CAM is: First the appearance beyond waste treatment muscle, again the way that finish machining gives muscle inside. 1.

Barren is machined (Rough Mill) milling cutter of head of ball of coating of use Φ 11B, the treatment means that uses annulus to cut (Spiral Cut) , cut deep (Down Step)2.

0mm, step pitch (Side Step)2.

0mm, 1500rpm of main shaft rotate speed, feed speed 350mm/min. Use preview a function (5 seconds) , if the graph is shown 2 times,machine the effect. Milling cutter did not enter the interior of muscle, muscle is external surplus is gone to besides, accord with the requirement of craft. Exit by OK. The program is calculated (Execute) time is 2 minutes, handling time is 4.

4 hours. Graph 2nextpage2.

Finish machining (Finish Mill) finish machining chooses milling cutter of head of Φ 6B ball, parallel milling is added after using a cutting (Layers&Parallel) machine means, parallel treatment restricts angle (Slope) the curved surface of 45 ° above. Because muscle is very fine, can have precision work only, want on the control that reduces inch of amount in electrode mature the surplus that lets a knife is numeric. The layer is cut deep 0.

15mm, parallel cutting step pitch 0.

3mm, precision (Tolerance) 0.

01mm, 1800rpm of main shaft rotate speed, feed speed 450mm/min. Preview (15 seconds) if orbit pursues 3. Program computation time is 5 minutes, handling time is 7.

2 hours. Graph 33.

Horny ministry surplus is cleared (Clean Up) the root ministry round role of curved surface is R2.

5mm, because this chooses milling cutter of head of Φ 4B ball. The the knife diameter before the basis reachs treatment parameter, quickNC automatic computation gives the position that needs treatment. If cutting tool entered interference place, use Sketcher draw gives border of a 2D, regard a tie as border this border (Containment) , criterion cutting tool contrail is in this place by purify. If pursue 4 in gules rectangle is tie border, the place inside umbriferous limits is green face clear root machines place. Use default semifinishing machining (Rerough) parameter, finish machining (Finish) parameter is: Down Step =0.

3mm, side Step =0.

5mm, tolerance =0.

01mm, spindle =2000rpm, feed =400mm/min. Preview (10 seconds) if pursue 4 in black is revealed, program computation time is 3 minutes, actual handling time is 1.

2 hours. If treatment contrail pursues 5 in black place is shown. Have the CAM personnel of experience, from transfer into model, craft of setting coordinate department, semifinished product, certain treatment, parameter comes preview treatment effect, whole process needs the left and right sides 10 minutes about. End when computation, again compensatory modification parameter 1 come 2 times, whole CAM process (contain program computation time 3 times 30 minutes, can use QuickNC to make treatment craft instructor at the same time in this process) need 45 minutes about. Graph 4 graphs 54.

Those who if say QuickNC,edit treatment instructor is fast preview a function to be us managing time, the graph face that the screen that its editor dimension tags printed a function to provide adjacent and normal blueprint for us is indicated, avoided a lot of clerical error. Should click 2 dimension only or three-dimensional tag icon, dimension can show go up in screen. Icon of use Mark Up, can tag the brief explanatory note of CAM the position that notes in need. view changeover is front view, if the graph is shown 6 times, use print preview, can edit print the instructor that contains dimension to tag. Commendable is in the program calculative can edit at the same time, print. Often be to be when program computation end, all directive files also edit, print end, be just as " to stand etc desirable " . Graph 6 4, the place on last word put together is narrated, we machine Die Casting mould in applied QuickNC in the process of electrode of nearly 100 black lead, what use time, modification convenience to machining the rationality of contrail of precision, cutting tool, treatment place of degree, CAM used time to do quite, the difference is the most apparent is, efficiency of use QuickNC process designing raised nearly 3 times. the process designing to electrode of many black lead, treatment, quickNC is very good CAM tool really. CNC Milling