The main point that milling cutter quality detects

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Milling cutter cutting tool can satisfy manufacturing requirement of the client commonly, what the use that ask in contented client at the same time or anticipates wants legislation of government of sue for peace, statute is mandatory regulation, should be opposite the requirement of the many sided such as function of milling cutter specifications, safety performance, crossing-over and the rate that affect to environment and person safety, health make a provision, these regulations comprise the requirement of character of corresponding to the product quality. Different product can have different quality character to ask, the utility of same product is different, its quality character asks to also can differ somewhat. Compare via contrasting, decide whether every examining character accords with standard and the requirement that the file sets. Characteristic to the quality of the product requirement is general the technology with specific translate into asks to be in file of product technology standard and other and relevant products plan design, exercise or test gauge Cheng specific provision, become the technical basis of quality inspection and the basis that the result examines quite after examining. Product quality character is formed in product implementation process, be by each the raw material of the product, component that make a product (be like 0, component) quality decides, ability of level of the professional technology that implements a process with the product, staff, equipment even closely related ambient conditions. Accordingly, the work that wants opposite Cheng not only (operation) personnel undertakes skill grooms, eligible mount guard, undertake check and ratify to equipment ability, undertake monitoring to the environment, specific provision works (craft) method, be opposite when necessary exercise (craft) parameter undertakes monitoring, and have quality inspection to the product even, sentence the quality position that decides a product. Milling cutter quality inspection is the character of one or more quality that wants pair of products, those who pass physics, chemical have observation, test with measure of other science and technology and method, measure, obtain the objective evidence that confirms product quality. Accordingly, need has detect applicably method, include all sorts of metric detector to provide, equipment of instrument appearance, test is waited a moment, and carry out effective control to its, maintain needs accuracy and precision. The result of quality inspection, want standard of basis product technology and relevant product design, process (craft) the regulation of file or test gauge Cheng undertakes contrast, decide whether every quality character is eligible, be opposite thereby odd a product or approve product quality to undertake deciding. CNC Milling