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To satisfy the challenge of current world environmental protection, the car makes manufacturing trend focusing is used up at reducing fuel and reduce car weight. These ask through machinery of research and development new material comes true. When the development of these material achieved anticipated goal, adverse one side is these new-style material always be hardness to treatment taller and more wear-resisting. As the new-style material wide application in component of of all kinds industry, cutting tool material also gets rapid development accordingly. Let us pay close attention to spare time and raise socioeconomic new cutting tool. In get together brilliant diamond (in the cutting tool series of PCD) , progress is rapidder and rapidder also. First time synthesis is in 20 centuries the fifties, PCD is used inside global limits now, be regarded as the cutting tool solution of strong managing cost. Inside limits of coloured workpiece material, to a series of material of work of the department that be not iron, be like aluminium alloy, plastic, enhance plastic, pottery and porcelain, black lead and limits extensive other workpiece data, it is the cutting tool material with a kind of unapproachable function. Diamond of diamond of character of PCD cutting tool is a kind of pure carbon substantially. Foregone carbon has two kinds of pattern: Black lead and diamond. In black lead configuration, carbolic atom is arranged for hexagon, the atomic span inside a plane is big, this makes data very weak. But with respect to diamond character, carbolic atom is wait for axis or cubic crystal structure to undertake permutation with a kind. Be close together connective arranges this kind of distinctive carbon atom make diamond becomes the mankind the material with foregone highest hardness. Preparation craft PCD falls to be versed in into the pedestrian synthesis gets in extremely difficult condition by a large number of random and directional diamond grain. It passes the diamond grain that unloads agglomeration concentration in high-pressured high temperature to undertake preparation. Agglomeration process is controlled by firm ground inside diamond stability area, then production gives a kind extremely hard and the structure of wear-resisting. The diamond that with getting together crystal pattern comprises offerred character a kind of powerful cutting cutting tool, it offers wonderful hardness and the wearability that get from this, and with get together the admirable tenacity appearance that crystal structure place brings is united in wedlock. In addition, diamond has the highest thermal conductivity in material of all cutting tool, make quantity of heat rapid deliver from cutting blade come out. Beyond the tall affinity that divides PCD and iron, PCD won't with workpiece material felt, below correct cutting parameter, the tumour that accumulate bits is the smallest change. All Secomax PCD cutting tool have lens face polish before knife face, offer lowermost coefficient of friction and smooth cutting blade. The devotes oneself to to reduce weight good material that aluminium alloy of workpiece material aluminium alloy already made traffic industry demand. Although the production of aluminium alloy is used up in energy,go up have bigger initiative demand, but prove to have more profit in be run for a long time, the function of these alloy will exceed other and the material that its compete. The hardness of aluminium is low, anti-corrosive. Citing is told, add the alloying element such as copper or magnesium to will make this material has higher strength. There are a lot of kinds of aluminium alloys on field, the famousest nothing is more... than uses at car and aerospace industry respectively 2000 reach 6000 series. Forging and is apparent boundary between cast aluminium alloy, the material qualitative order and degree that each a few kinds differ, and sundry sclerosis handles function. To silicon (Si) content is low arrive for medium silicon alloy, PCD offerred best wearability in milling application and rough machining. The commonnest problem that encounters should be the tumour that accumulate bits. Even if very high cutting rate, treatment also can produce this kind of situation when low silicon aluminium alloy. The geometrical angle of cutting blade and quality must want to be applied by careful ground. Use such parameter, when the contact with workpiece time is jumped over long, the quantity of heat of generation rises, its affect be cutting tool life directly to shorten. To machining Gao Gui aluminium alloy, the wearability of PCD is used out and out. Highlighted cutting tool to wear away about a few research of these material with silicon the relation between grain size, silicon grain brings about the wearability of workpiece to rise greatly more. The quality of cutting tool machines applied success to will have quite main effect to aluminium alloy: Jumpy amount is small the load that will prevent cutting blade is abhorrent. Nextpage to PCD cutting tool, tatty development promotes gradually as cutting speed, cause the turning point that wears away to rise quickly till cutting speed prep above. When cutting tool loss of life, should lower cutting rate. Cutting tool life does not rely on feed greatly. Want not to produce cutting blade small collapse only, tall feed can offer faster metal to move normally except lead and do not shorten cutting tool life. However, it should not exceed the in part that radius of point of a knife is worth. To cutting deepness, hill tall cutting tool recommends cutting blade length 65% for maximum. Secomax PCD razor blade means cooling fluid to be not through the surface of polishing indispensible. However, when the tumour that accumulate bits is formed all round cutting blade or producing the accumulation that cut bits, cooling fluid can provide a help for you. Metallic radical composite material metal base composite material (MMC) is aluminium or titanium aluminium are made for matrix place, this is the base material with the commonnest to date. Those who add base material is intensifier of a kind of pottery and porcelain, the commonnest is grain form, but the fiber form that also can discover more difficult treatment now and then. Material of a series of pottery and porcelain are used at MMC, but at present the commonnest is Si. According to the material wearability of demand, additive content is 15 % ~ 40% . In the following spare parts, these material are replacing stage by stage resemble such cast-iron weighing material: Undercarriage of Buddhist templeput on the brakes, engine cylinder body, piston, cylinder bushing. When machining MMC, cutting speed should suit with the photograph of content of pottery and porcelain in material. The content of intensifier of pottery and porcelain is higher, workpiece jumps over wear-resisting, accordingly to protect cutting blade, cutting rate should be lower. when aluminium alloy is machined, horny cutting blade is being accepted normally, but the cutting blade that loses horny razor blade to offer aggrandizement for the material that increases badly. Bimetallic material processes two kinds of when appear on a spare parts different data is a very big challenge normally. One of the most general application are aluminous to the silicon of cylinder body of engine of casting pig cylinder bushing material have face mill. Machine these bimetallic spare partses to produce a challenge to tool supplier, be opposite among them the cutting tool material of the handy when a kind of metal undertakes machining is opposite normally another kind of metal very won't effective. With respect to cylinder body of aluminous engine of face mill silicon character, the solution is to be able to use PCD. When use PCD, you must consider following condition: PCD is the perfect cutting cutting tool that machines aluminium alloy. It can be in the cutting tool life that keeps admirable while undertake machining with very high cutting rate. Fast chemistry will be brought about to wear away when with PCD treatment iron fastens metallic casting pig. Chemistry wears away need quantity of heat will make its develop, accordingly, to make the chemistry on PCD cutting tool wears away the smallest change, cutting speed should be reduced and use enough cooling fluid. To such treatment, best material qualitative grade should be thick granularity is had as far as possible the PCD30M of high fever stability. Through be united in wedlock enough cooling fluid and proper material uses below low cutting speed qualitative grade, the bimetallic data that processes and so on of cylinder body of aluminous engine of such as silicon efficiently is feasible. Other shows some bimetallic engine, cylinder body is comprised by aluminium alloy (Si content is low) , and cylinder bushing uses pulverous agglomeration data, or cylinder bushing uses MMC data. Carbon fiber synthesized material to have the cause that improves power weight to compare, mix fiber through be in the matrix such as alloy of plastic, aluminium alloy, titanium (carbon, glass, SiC, aromatics gets together amine) , had developed material of a lot of kinds of synthesis. Fiber can grow but short, can be oriented model or parallel. These parameter will make material function and cutting character are affected each times medium. Be being used at the composite material with the most general aerospace is CFRP(carbon fiber enhances plastic) , PCD cutting tool is particularly effective to it. The risk that cutting treatment is using exorbitant feed rate and causes fiber to flake and because cutting speed passes tall and the balance gives between the risk that causes cutting blade small collapse. Even if sharp cutting blade should cross soft core ministry, the buildup of carbon fiber action will make cutting blade fast passivation. It is more apparent on material of fibre glass aggrandizement. Typical CFRP spare parts is aero ala bridge. You also can find spare parts of the bearing that makes by data of this kind of hardware, pump and sleeve. Titanium alloy belongs to the category of super alloy, normally expression is titanium alloy to there are advantageous machinery and chemical property below high temperature, but adverse to machinability. Use PCD cutting tool, you can use hard alloy cutting tool the cutting speed of 3 times, be calculated with the hour cutting tool life. Plastic with increase plastic the treatment that total feeling is plastic material is very easy. However, soft plastic not total dispute often is stabilized, if did not apply correct cutting parameter, treatment process always should produce quantity of heat, the likelihood affects the attribute of dimension and the material such as structure of such as surface and color. PCD cutting tool is plastic to wear-resisting (plastic with carbon fiber (CF) with fibre glass (GF) undertake aggrandizement) particularly effective. The most treatment that black lead has to synthesizing black lead is to produce electrode. Although black lead is soft, but special wear-resisting. When speed of even when cutting achieves 1000m/min, the cutting tool life of PCD will still invincible. When red copper and brass should be changed without alloy, this is the data that processes quite easily. Come with beryllium when copper when aggrandizement, need lowers cutting rate. CNC Milling