The clamping apparatus that is based on design and ambiguous theory 3 times is dovish design

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1 choice can accuse the function of element level clamping apparatus to suffer the effect of a variety of elements. The choice can accuse an element to decide clamping apparatus optimizes the independent variable of the design namely. In can control an element certainly several K while the level that need chooses to be able to control an element each (the size) that takes a cost namely, its take a cost limits and take the computation that is worth a number to be able to be designed by concerned clamping apparatus formulary or decide by experience law. When can control an element certainly, need to use mobile level method and assorted factor method to wait sometimes, at the same time agile land increases in orthogonal watch or reduce an a few number that can control an element. And should consider variance analysis, extreme difference analysis and all be worth the method such as poor analysis to choose orthogonal watch. As a result of the characteristic that orthogonality expresses, in can control an element certainly when count and can controlling element standard, the disperse sex that had had designing variable actually and ambiguous sex are handled, very the effective demand of the disperse sex that is helpful for clamping apparatus optimizing a design and ambiguous sex. 2.

The orthogonal list that the design inside 2 choices uses chooses corresponding orthogonality to express LN(to call to can control an element inside watch) , corresponding design is inside design. Main effect is expressed inside at from the back the letter a confusion of voices that undertake is analysed than calculate and be being concerned. 2.

The nominal value that chose to be able to control an element is actually when level of element of 3 affirmatory errors chooses to be able to control an element, because can accuse an element to have an error for the most part, because this regards error element consideration as them. Some parameter that foregone when the system is designed fixed name is worth also exist (input) error, this error calls simple error element or noise element. Affirmatory above element of two kinds of errors is check of in order to they the influence to outputting parameter. A number of the error and level are mixed commonly a number that can control an element and horizontal number are not identical, parameter design basically is to use nonlinear technology, because this can accuse the horizontal span of the element to be able to take a little bit big, and the horizontal span of error element chooses a little bit small (take commonly it is 3 class precision) , the concerned error element in clamping apparatus design can press standard of concerned public errand and the requirement that clamping apparatus designs to choose. 2.

The orthogonality that place of the design outside 4 choices chooses to arrange error element with orthogonal watch expresses LM to call appearance, corresponding design calls peripheral plan. Corresponding at inside the N in the watch every condition of the condition has N accordingly outside, appearance is used at considering the computation of the output character Y of error element. 2.

The output character that the computation that 5 output character is worth designs every condition in formulary appearance according to the system is Y, its have N × M export characteristic worth. To the systematic design of much target, want one by one to calculate to every target every system of every outside condition exports a worth. 2.

The outside output character of every 6 conditions in believing the computation that a confusion of voices compares to be expressed internally is worth) , with type (1) comes (the letter a confusion of voices of every condition in hoping to look characteristic computation is expressed inside formulary computation in 5) is compared, want one by one to calculate to each target of the system of many targets its believe comparing of a confusion of voices. Type (1) uses at computation to look at small character: Type (2) uses at computation to look at big character: Type (3) , (4) , (the calculation that 5) uses character of Yu Wang eye. Among them: ? ? 3) uses at the letter a confusion of voices of computational faintness target to compare: Type (4) believes comparing of a confusion of voices with what make clear a target at computation: When using ambiguous and integrated judge, with type (the letter a confusion of voices that 5) computation makes clear a target appears than can avoiding surprise bugle call believes comparing of a confusion of voices, facilitate the normalization of ambiguous judge matrix is handled. (1)(2) η =-10log[(Sm-ve)/r/ve] (3) among them (4)(5)2.

7 after building ambiguous judge matrix and a confusion of voices of letter of comprehensive assessment computation to compare, can analyse a method to undertake data is analysed according to concerned orthogonality. The ambiguous and integrated judge in be based on ambiguous maths is used here [the analytic method of 3] , the parameter that can be used at much target conveniently is analysed, reach optimize a result practically. Because prime number is P,set a standard, p=1, 2, ... , h: L is the target number of much target, l=1, 2, ... : B. The on each target average letter of each element level in using the list inside next form calculation comparing of a confusion of voices. (Although 6) believes a confusion of voices to compare it is choose actors or actress greatly, but lose a value than having because of SN, press before undertaking normalization is handled type is made so increase by degrees the gender alternates, namely (the ambiguous subclass that 7) makes an assessment to make the letter a confusion of voices of every level compares each element to all be worth, need to make normalization processing to η LP. The phalanx below the each element after normalization alternates formed the judge matrix Ri of this element, i=1, 2, ... , k. The concerned major knowledge that designs according to clamping apparatus again and computation decide weight, have integrated judge finally, obtain optimal parameter to combine. The final phase that clamping apparatus of 3 tolerance design designs also says the 3rd times to design for tolerance design, tolerancepublic errand design, tolerance is designed even if go up in the foundation that parameter designs, according to the main error element that optimal combination decides, if the choice is fluctuant the value is lesser relatively high accuracy tolerance, can raise cost, accordingly tolerance is designed even if the circumstance in the tolerance that the consideration allows falls, consider each influencing factor integratedly, make tolerancepublic errand is inside concessional limits, the change that plays common difference in the effect effect of element of inside and outside at the same time relatively stable, cost is inferior. The main method that tolerance devises remains the experiment means that is based on orthogonality. When tolerance is designed, basically be to coordinate the wave motion that reduces quality character and the concern that raise production cost, in order to obtain the clamping apparatus of high quality and low cost. CNC Milling