Evaluate the new measure of equipment health with 10816 international standard

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10816 international standard is made by international Organization for Standardization, it was elaborated how to have healthy opinion to of all kinds machine through measuring vibration. This standard is famous former ISO2372 standard upgrade edition. This standard besides made more meticulous provision to oscillatory speed criterion for evaluation beyond, increased to evaluate the new standard of equipment health with oscillatory displacement again. This is very practical, apply to the standard of all sorts of industry rotating equipment extensively. To facility status the job that monitor has great and direct sense. This standard was announced in the world 1996, released with GB GB/T6075 2001. Regretful is, the situation that be popularized since announce and uses is bad. Besides publicizing the matter that already was used to old standard with people not quite, lacking convenient method also is a main reason. The 909Z-6 of new design of company of pattern of Beijing dark heart is detector of a kind of multi-parameter, can measure lukewarm, measure brace up, measure bearing. After measuring oscillatory speed and displacement value, undertake comparative with 10816 international standard directly, show with red olivine lamp 4 kinds evaluate a result directly next. 909Z-6 multi-parameter detector it besides can measure integral vibration situation (rotate to be caused with structural issue by the shafting, if lopsided, axis is incorrect medium, become loose etc) , still can measure the high frequency acceleration that causes by bearing blemish or problem of gear clench the teeth to include cost of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy. It still can measure bearing surface temperature. Very comfortable at discovering the inchoate fault of machine, bearing and gear. The main technique index of 909Z-6: Measure span and frequency range: Temperature TEP: - Acc of acceleration of   of   of   of 33 To 220 OC: 0.

VEL of speed of 1 To 100 M/s2 10Hz~1000Hz: 0.

DISP of displacement of   of   of   of 1 To 250 Mm/s 10Hz~1000Hz: M 10 Hz~500Hz of μ of 1 To 3000 wraps Env of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy: 0.

1 To 25 Unit from precision of   of   of   of 5Hz~2kHz of the demodulation in 3kHz~10kHz: ± of ± 5% power source of   of 2 words   : A batteries (1/2 AA, 3.

6V) , 20~29mA of working electric current, consecutive working hours 20 hours, intermittence uses temperature of     job about 600 times: 50 ℃ of 0 ~ , relative humidity: <85% , bulk: 110 X 35 X 17 (Mm) , weight: 100g (include battery) the red olivine lamp of 909Z-6 of   of       signs up for police type: 1) when bag sth resembling a net measures: When Env >2, huang Dengliang, state bearing has drawback; > 6 when, red light is bright, state bearing has serious flaw. CNC Milling